Today is the perfect day to start afresh. Right now many people are telling you to join a gym, go on a diet, do a cleanse. I’m all for two out of three of those things. (Tip: I’m a fitness teacher and I did two cleanses last year so I’ll let you figure out which one I’m opposed to ; ) 

However I’m a buck the system type of girl. You don’t become a Health Coach transforming lives while raging against GMOs, chemicals, additive and junk by going with the system.

I propose something different today. 

If you’d like to make one resolution to cover them all I propose this. Download my Goals & Dreams List and fill it out.

Goals & Dreams List

This is a fun thing to do over a cup of tea and a nice healthy snack. I like almonds. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

One Month goals – Clean out the closet, organize paperwork, clean one room top to bottom, go on a hike, get out of town for a day, go see that movie, sign up for a health coach!

Three Month goals – Learn three new health meals, revamp a tired area of the house, plan and take a weekend getaway

Six Month goals – Clean out and organize a room in the house, plan a family get away, take a class.

One Year goals – Go big! Follow thru some of your smaller goals to the big end result. Dream. With this set of goals think of a time line to achieve them. Think about your home, work, education all you have to do is get started!

As always I’m here to support you and help you on your way. I can help if your goals are to get healthier, learn to cook, or achieve your dreams. 

Here are some tips to fill it out:

  1. Think large and small
  2. Write down your goals in your calendar
  3. Write down some steps to work towards your dreams
  4. Schedule the time to do these things now and stick to your schedule!