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Your Business Your Flow

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Does this sound familiar?

“I’m supposed to write copy today. I HAVE to write copy today and of course I got my period. I’m having a hard time making toast and I’m supposed to write sparkling copy… yeah that’s gonna happen. I just want to relax with my hot water bottle, netflix, and all of the chocolate. All of it. Oh wouldn’t a nice hot bath be delightful? It would.”

Or maybe this…

“I don’t have time to do everything I need to! I want my business to grow, I want to launch, write a book, start a podcast, all sorts of things… AND I want to be consistent. I make plans, but I can’t seem to stick with them. After a week, maybe two, I lose steam and just can’t keep up. Then I want to toss out the whole thing and run away to an island! Since I can’t afford my own island and I really do want to make the world a better place, I start all over again the next month.”

This is why I created Your Business Your Flow

By planning your business activities with YOU literally in mind, you’ll discover that it’s like adding an assistant to your business. If you’ve dreamed of having more time for your kids/friends/family/lovers/life, creating an even bigger business, or all of the above, then Your Business Your Flow is for you!

Well… that and I believe that we will change the world.


We are going to be the women who show the world just how MUCH can be done when women aren’t held back by a taboo created by men. A taboo women were burned at the stake to enforce. This membership is an incubator for the future, in a few generations I hope all women will know this information and how to use it to make their lives EASY and BLISSFUL.

Are you ready to leave frustration & burn out behind?

Do you want a consistent and easy to run business?

Are you ready to plan with FLOW?

These 4 pillars are essential to your success:

1. Charting – You’ve got to be willing to chart. To love yourself enough to spend less than 5 minutes a day connecting your mind to body.

2. DO – Yes, take action! This is an implementation membership not a learn stuff and never look at it again one.

3. Be a part of an incredible Sisterhood! We support the sh*t out of each other.

4. Mindset – We all fall off the wagon but in this group you’ll need to reach out and let us help you back onboard!

No more feeling like today is a ‘bad day to think about your business’, learn to TRUST yourself, your plan, and be effective and efficient!

It’s not a matter of willpower, and you’re not alone!  

  • Do you know when you’re most effective at which tasks?
  • Do you feel like you fall behind or ‘lose weeks’?
  • Do you struggle with irregular cycles be they menstrual OR consistent content?
  • Are you tired of being frustrated?
  • Does the idea of taking a feminine approach to business sound like coming home?

You have a built in system that you’re either working with or working against.

Sure we can “push through it” and burn out, so can men. But we don’t have to, nor SHOULD we. Ladies we can change the world, why do we keep working the old broken way?! Let’s turn the system upside down and make it work for US!

I often get asked about Birth Control. This is often given to women for various reasons and rarely is it for birth control. It doesn’t work because you’re still not a man and you still don’t work like one. It’s not the answer to so many questions it’s prescribed for. This is one of them.

I remember the first time a client came to me and told me she was on Birth Control because ‘keeping up’ at work was slowly killing her and this what the only answer she was given. Well birth control and anti-depressants. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work but Your Business Your Flow DOES.


Your Business Your Flow works 

    • It’s based in SCIENCE. Your brain changes with your hormones, you may suspect this already, but I’m here to tell you it really does happen and you could be harnessing this power!
    • It’s also WOO. As a long time Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner and teacher I’m a big believer in the power of meditaion and energy and we use both of these things in YBYF.
    • Making friends with your cycle means you know SO much more about your body, how you work, what works and what doesn’t, honestly I can’t tell you how this feels. You have to feel it.
    • When you stop waste time ‘pushing through’ your to-do list, you get it done in less time which in turns means you have more YOU time.
    • It’s a supportive community. The women in YBYF are amazing and inspiring. If you want to surround yourself with the best of the best this is where to find them. You MUST have a community, people who speak your language, who understand your challenges and wins, who ‘get you’ and here we not only get your business side, but we also get your ‘badass feminine’ side and we LOVE you for it!

Why should you believe me?

    • I’ve been a Business Coach for thousands of people as one of Ryan Eliason’s Visionary Business Coaches. (He’s a multi 7 figure business coach here in the US) There are currently only 5 of us! So I know what I’m doing business wise, AND I’ve got an elite team of resources.
    • I’ve been researching hormones and periods for most of my adult life. I’ve put my own Endo into remission and helped women around the world balance their hormones and businesses to live their passion!

If these sound good to you, I invite you to jump into Your Business Your Flow. Commit to a year with us. Be the leader your family, this WORLD needs!


  • You’re frustrated
  • Ready to make a change for the better
  • Ready to launch or grow your business AND not burn out
  • Tired of mood swings &/or problem periods
  • Want more time off
  • Inspired to connect to your body as our ancestors once did
  • For my Mum’s -> Show your kids there’s more to life than work, but you CAN do good in the world, by working smarter not harder!

What if…

  • Your body was a powerful ally?

  • You were consistent?

  • You never worried about your mood affecting your income…or your spending?

  • You were able to make a bigger impact on the world with your business…without adding more work?

  • You could remove the tension of self-judgement…and relax into self-care?

  • You had a clear PLAN that was easy to follow every day?

What You Get:

Charting to Clarity

This is where you’ll start. Four short, easy, video’s showing you how to chart, so you can see your flow, your energy, your patterns. You need this data to make a plan and I’ll guide you through creating yours.

Of course this comes with my Charting Mandala. Designed by the creative Chantelle Valarie this fan will help you connect deeply to your cycle, the moon cycle, and see how everything from food to lifestyle can impact you. It’s an amazing, one of a kind, secret weapon that EVERY businesswoman needs!

Business Flow System

  • Using my Quarterly Planner, you’ll plan for the last quarter of the year and have the whole program to perfect planning with flow.
  • Using this approach you will be replicate how my system works over and over again with each of your business funnels.

Sensual System

  • Diving into our 6 senses we will learn how to balance our hormones and our lives in each phase of our cycle.
    • Taste – recipes in each phase full of supportive foods
    • Smell – recommended essential oils
    • Touch – movement, or self-care that helps bring balance to your hormones
    • Sight – what visual delights are good for balancing hormones and what’s not. Including sleeping patterns to help regulate your cycle
    • Sound – auditory suggestions, including meditation
    • Spirit – learn my Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices for balance in each phase!

This fits seamlessly into your lifestyle:

  • Maximize relationships including employee, personal, and romantic relationships​
  • Radical acts of self care that will benefit you AND your business
  • Enjoy LIFE!

Quarterly Planner

You’ll be getting a copy of my Quarterly Planner. We’ll be filling this out each quarter together, this is going to be how your business GROWS IN FLOW!

The group will be here to support you, answer questions, give you inspiration, and keep you on track.

  • This program will include both recorded content and live (on Zoom)
  • Live Q&A circles.
  • The times will be evenings for the US and mornings for AUS.
  • We will have a private Facebook group, of course for anytime questions and connection.

Are you ready to flow!?

This is me digital nomading in the Caribbean.

This was part of my cross country road trip from Florida to California via Utah 😉 Sure I got a little side tracked…

About Me

Hi, I’m Stasha, also known as The Period Coach.

My focus is not only helping you fall in LOVE with your period, but also running your business!

I run my business on the road, I’m what you’d call a digital nomad. I love roaming around the globe talking periods and taboos… Why?

Because my story is one of healing my painful, moody, exhausting periods.

I’m a classic case of endometriosis. Passing out just before I got my bleed most months. The pain so bad, being on birth control AND narcotics didn’t dull it. Oh and I can’t forget the days of endless puking. The fun part of endo?

Since there’s no ‘cure’ to endo I had to learn how to balance my hormones, STAY in balance, all while starting a business. I didn’t think it was possible. I was beginning to give up, trying to talk myself into being ok with a ‘normal’ job.

But I couldn’t do it. I KNEW there was a better way and I set out to find it! As a certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, I learned to run my business everyday with my menstrual cycle in mind. Now as a Business Coach and The Period Coach it’s your turn!

Turns out it’s WAY BETTER. Sure I have to run my business with flow, otherwise I’ll burn out and be back in pain, crying on the bathroom floor. I would never go back tho, even if there was no pain. Working with flow is the freaking BEST!

Join us from anywhere! We’ve had women from Australia, Sweden, Finland, Canada, all over the US… and I’d love to add more countries to this list. This is a brand new membership and it’s only going to get better and better!

 No matter where you live, or roam, no one wants that endless loop going on in their head. Business stuff running instead of being PRESENT with your kids, on your adventure, in bed… This membership will change that. One of the most amazing benefits to being able to trust your plan!

There IS a better way, I know you’ve suspected it – maybe even your whole life – and I’m here to tell you YOU’RE RIGHT.

We are the culture makers. I see this as the beginning of the future for women, and you’re invited.

We’ve proven that this works, myself and past clients. We’re showing how respecting women, ending this ridiculous taboo, is only a benefit to our cultures. We’re better business owners, mom’s, women than when we started.

Remember, MONEY TALKS, and as we grow, and show, more and more women and businesses will jump on. You’ll be showing your families, your kids, your staff, your friends and my hope is that in a few generations WE will have change the world for those who come next. Bigger and bigger businesses will be asking to learn this and it will take over.

It may sound a little far fetched but I do honestly believe this will bring about equality and respect for women. Bringing an end to the patriarchy from the inside by being ourselves. By SUCCEEDING with ease, with the confidence you can only gain by knowing yourself this well, by showing the women coming up it’s not about playing like the boys. It’s about supporting each other and embracing all that makes us girls, and that’s AWESOME.

For ONE TIME ONLY: Yearly Membership is only $397 (USD)

You’ll be creating a life and a business that FLOWS. By using these tools you will be able to get so much more done you’ll think you’ve hired an assistant!


Here are the most common questions I get and answers so you can make the right choice for you:  

    • I have irregular periods, making it impossible to plan. How could this possibly work for me?
      • Oh girl! Most women are irregular and there’s two reasons this isn’t a bad thing. One, by creating flow in your life and charting you’ll become more predictable and you’ll see the rhythm created and learn to USE it.
      • Two, this is all about mastering what works for YOU. I’ll show you tips and tricks for adapting on the fly because in any business you have to be able to FLOW.
    • I can’t just take a week off every month when I get my period I have too much to do. (insert anxiety attack here)
      • And if you did that you would miss one of the most powerful times for your business each month! It’s not about taking time off, it’s about using that time CORRECTLY for your business. (Which could be taking the day off, I take 3!)
    • I just don’t believe this will actually make a difference.
      • I hear you, seeing is believing. It’s tough to get past such a huge taboo, I congratulate you for making it this far! Many women will breeze right by this too embarrassed or judgemental to even suspect there is power waiting for them. It kills me. But there’s only one way to really know and that’s to try it and see for yourself.
    • I need to DO things, to see a change, not just learn more information.
      • Then this is perfect. Each quarter you’re literally going to put a plan together for your business. Using the group and these resources to create that plan. Then you DO that plan. It’s all about implementation. You can’t get the full benefits from this program without DOING the work, and by the work I mean growing your business. The point of you joining this is so that you have consistency, check ins, help problem solving and if something crazy happens like your period decides to come a week late I’m here to help you adjust and keep FLOWING so you don’t miss a beat! But you do have to show up!
    • I have really painful periods or PMS that really affects me, do I need to heal this first?
      • Nope, in fact this will be part of your healing protocol. When I started I had THE WORST periods. PMS mood swings like a crazy person, fatigue so bad I’d sleep 12 hours at night and still need a 2 hour nap, migraines, pain so bad I’d cry in the bathtub to just make it all end, throwing up for days with horrific digestive issues… I made amazing strides in my healing through food and lifestyle but running a business made it all come back just as bad. That’s when I realized, your business needs to be in flow too and that’s a BIG part of healing and staying in balance.


Here’s how to contact me if you have any remaining questions:  

*If you work with FEMALE clients*

  • This program could be a tax write off for you. Of course check with your local tax laws
  • No matter what your focus is, health, business, intuition, when you’re working with women the insight this course will provide will make you a better coach and your clients will have more success… which is what makes you a better coach!
  • Knowing where your client is in her cycle makes it easier for you to design her session. Giving her appropriate ‘homework’ for HER.
  • This won’t just help you, this program will help your clients and that’s what we’re all about!