The Evolution of My Period

I am a classic case of Endo, I’ve not had surgery to confirm, however it’s a very safe bet. My mother also had it, it’s passed through the matriarchal line and I’ve got symptoms in spades. ❣️This means that before I made changes...

#1 Reason to Celebrate Your Cycle

I have one super good reason you should be celebrating your cycle, fortunately for you it’s on my blog this week!  Throwing a Period Party is a great reason to have 13 more parties a year… and of course your birthright. Join us in our world wide Period...

5 Foods to DefEAT PMS!

Grab a napkin!   Please join us in FPMS, where you can diving into eating amazing food that will help you feel like a ROCK STAR! Grab my graphic here: YES, I want to EAT!

5 Unexpected PMS Symptoms

You may know the usual gang, Mood Swings, Fatigue, Bloating, Cramps, Brain Fog, Acne… But working with women I see these 5 over and over again: Join us in FPMS to kick these to the curb!

Plan W Flow: Luteal Phase

You may think your Luteal Phase (the 2 weeks before your period) are you least productive time but they really should be SUPER productive… just in a way you haven’t thought about before. Join our 5 Day Plan W Flow Challenge here: Join...