There are so many business books out there, written by men, for men – intentionally or not. But there are very few business books written for women and none that focus on working with your cycle.⁣

Be it menstrual or moon cycles we women need to tap into our FLOW. We need to work smartHER not harder!⁣


What happens when you switch over to the FLOW model of business?⁣


Feminine cycles take the wheel and make work feel…⁣

Lazy, easy, with plenty of time for naps, hobbies and loved ones⁣

Overachieve without overworking⁣

Win! Make more money, in less hours. Write that dream book, create that card deck, all those things you Wish you could do but don’t have time.⁣

If you want to get more done in less time, and make more money without adding hours, then it’s time to start working WITH FLOW and this book will show you HOW!

Amanda Prasow testimonial from first book
So if you have a menstrual cycle and a business this book is for you.⁣

You don’t have to identify as a woman to use this book but I am writing it to empower more women in business. To reassess our menstrual cycles. To reimagine them. To gain a new perspective.⁣

If don’t have a menstrual cycle and you want to embrace your feminine flow in your business this book is for you.⁣

For those of you who don’t have a cycle for any reason, menopause, surgery, trans, etc, but you know working like a cis dude isn’t for you, I’ll guide you through how to use this book as well. No woman left behind! We never have the same 24-hour androgen cycle men do, so why try and squeeze our beautiful bodies into dude-shaped suits?⁣

If you suffer from period problems, this book is doubly for you. ⁣

I have endometriosis. This is a chronic pain and fatigue illness. It’s in the top 20 most painful diseases in the world. It means I have a disability. I can not work a regular 9 to 5.⁣

About 11 years ago, I figured out a diet that reduced my pain symptoms considerably. I was starting my own coaching business while working at a restaurant, a ballet barre studio where I was not only an instructor but also the teacher trainer, AND running a pop-up restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.⁣

I was working FAR more than a 9 to 5 job. (sound familiar?!) ⁣

But launching your own business…⁣

Well, it’s commonly understood that to launch a business you need to work 24/7 for a few years. That AFTER you work constantly for years THEN you can take a mini vacation.⁣

It’s time to end that common misconception!⁣

My painful symptoms reared back with full force, even when I was eating so clean a hippy in the forest would respect my diet. ⁣

That’s when I realized I was working like a MAN. Not the cyclical woman that I am!⁣

So I started shifting how I worked. I looked at some research into how menstrual cycles affect different aspects of our bodies. Like how estrogen increased verbal skills. Or how progesterone influences our visual acuity.⁣

I started to work WITH my cycle.⁣

I spent far less time pushing through the workday.⁣

Far less time staring at a blank screen, cursor blinking at me in judgement.⁣

I was getting more done in my business in less time. I was able to rest AND make money.⁣

So I asked my clients, are you willing to try running your business with your cycle? ⁣

They were and the results were ASTOUNDING.

One client went from constantly firing and hiring to a steady staff that stay for years. Another left her ‘always on call’ nonprofit CEO position to travel around the country helping women start their own nonprofits. The online business owners realized they could actually take vacations, and make more money, they had CHOICES where they didn’t before.⁣

In fact, I saved 4 marriages I know of, by accident! The effects were trickling over into areas of their lives I never would have guessed could be affected.⁣

I was onto something.⁣

In September 2015 I launched Success Sync. My first group program specifically to sync your biz and your cycle.

In February 2016 I improved and renamed Success Sync and launched Your Business, Your Flow.
Now it’s time to bring it into the world… in book form!⁣

I’m writing Bloody Brilliant Business. A guide to get more done in less time by syncing your cycle and biz.

This book will share: ⁣

  • How working with your cycle will increase your productivity⁣
  • How to use your cycle to make more money⁣
  • How to attract ideal clients with your cycle⁣
  • The basics of your cycle⁣
  • How balancing your cycle and your business will also bring more balance to your hormones – reducing problematic symptoms like PMS⁣
  • How this applies to those that don’t cycle? Like menopause, hysterectomy, being trans, etc.⁣

I’m going to lay out step-by-step how to reorganize your business tasks and projects to embrace the powers in your cycle. You’ll be able to choose a task you want to sync up and follow that chapter.

What we’ll breakdown in the book:⁣

  • Productivity⁣
  • Newsletters⁣
  • Webinars ⁣
  • Money Mindset⁣
  • Tracking⁣
  • Sales calls⁣
  • Client attraction
  • ⁣Opt-ins⁣
  • Social Media⁣
  • Content Creation⁣
  • Coaching your clients⁣
  • Talking to your clients about their cycles⁣
  • Summits⁣
  • Writing a book⁣
  • Doing a Kickstarter!⁣

The book will have links to tons of online resources I’ve created over the years. Like workbooks, journal prompts, spreadsheet templates you can copy and use, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), Step-by-step processes, etc.⁣

I’ll be sharing plenty of case studies with past Your Business Your Flow students, clients, and peers, as well so you can see all the different ways this content has been put into action.⁣

Here are some of the brilliant women we’ll hear from:


  • Tash Corbin
  • Katie Bressack
  • Laura Dick
  • Jess Dzierbicki
  • Monifa Harris
  • Jen Lang
  • Leah Fellers
  • Jane Hall
  • Kylie Bonner
  • Daniella Princi
  • Barbara Kleeb
  • Shannon Dunn

Think of this book as part education, part inspiration, and everything you need to take a project from start to finish!⁣

Head to from the most up to date info on the writing, publishing, get on the waitlist, or buy the book when it’s ready!