I’m trying an experiment. I’m taking Bee Pollen.

I have allergies now. Since I moved to the west coast I’ve had allergies. This year seems to be particularly bad. Since I really hate taking pain-killers and anti-histamines I’ve decided to take a holistic approach. Of course.

First of all Bee pollen is what young bees eat!

It’s 40% protein, free amino acids which are ready to be used immediately. No need to break the proteins apart and reassemble. 

If you’re vegan this is really important. If you’re cutting back on your animal products this is a great way to get a lot of protein. 

Bee pollen is one of the highest sources of vitamins especially with B-complex vitamins, and folic acid. This helps boost your energy!

Bee pollen is also a remedy for allergies. It’s the idea of boosting the immune system with the very thing that’s attacking it. This is a gamble. It can make it worse, or better. Start slowly. I started day one with just a pinch. The next day I had a bigger pinch, and that night I had a little pinch. The next day I had a big pinch in the morning and again at night. So I’m slowly increasing. In this amount of time I have also seen my allergies decrease. Everyday it’s a little better. 

This is a win! I’m really digging it, I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m going to feel like after I’m taking a spoonful a day! Bee pollen is an anti-inflammatory for the lungs so I’m guessing that’s what helping my breathing become easier.

Bee pollen also has other benefits:

It’s used for weight loss by helping the body to normalize the chemical balance in the body.

It’s also an energy and stamina booster.

The immune system boost that bee pollen gives directly effects digestion. When the immune system is enhanced the digestive flora is also enhanced. This aids your digestion which helps your body get all the good stuff from your food! This all makes your skin start to glow!

Bee pollen is boosted even further when you eat it with fruit!

With in the first week of taking this, even in the tiny doses my allergies started to clear up. The second week I was up to a spoonful in my smoothies and I was feeling like a rock star! I’m a confirmed believer.