The ‘perks’ to a coffee scrub are more than just the energy boost!

It’s used to reduce vericos vains, celulite and stretch marks… Who knew coffee could be so good for you after all 😉

This is the basic recipe and you know me, I’ll give you some extra fun options at the end (like chocolate!!!)

This is a game of ratios. When I make this I make it to fit what ever jar it’s going in so go find a pretty jar and then add your ingredients to fit that!

3 parts coffee grounds (use organic, this is going on your skin!)
          -you can even make a cup of coffee and use the left over grounds. Either make the scrub immediately or dry the grounds out.

1 part sugar (I like organic brown, but use what ever organic you want just make sure it’s not fine sugar)

Organic oil This is up to you. I like walnut oil (omega 3s) or almond oil (B vitamins). You can use anything you’d like. Olive oil is the most common. The amount you want is also up to you. Are you feeling really dry? Maybe you want a little more in there. Generally if you’re starting with 3/4 cup coffee a Tablespoon of oil will do.

I always make mine in bulk and give it away as gifts.

Add ins:

Chocolate powder!
Lavender oil
Anything you fancy.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS when trying something new test it on a small part of your body first. You never know what will irritate your skin and you don’t want your whole body irritated!!!