Another week another awesome friend I got to meet in 3D! I spent this week with Elle M Roberts, who’s gives me the ability to have a life. She’s been officially welcomed into my inner circle just being so freaking rad and badass. I’m in total awe after spending a week with her. A 9 year old, two year old twins, a successful business a partner that works away every other week. Send this incredible woman some good energy and love!

I got some great progress done on the book, The Revolution Will Be Bloody. Elle and I talked through a ton for the Period Coaching School (launching next year!), we even entirely mapped out a quiz for you FEMpreneurs to see if you’re leaving money on the table AND a PDF to help run your biz in flow. I started working on next months Your Business Your Flow content: Purpose In Flow.

I got next weeks video filmed, edited and scheduled to hit my YouTube channel Monday morning!

But the FUN PART: I got to swim in Alligator Creek SO pretty clear cool water.

Went to a great co-working space Elle’s brother owns where there was a SUPER good juice bar across the street that invented a green juice for me that was so good I went back each day for another.

We went to Magnetic Island for an overnight retreat with Elle sans kids stayed at a beautiful Air BnB listened to the ocean when we fell asleep, ate a ridiculous amount of amazing food, fell asleep before 10pm, toured the island, and mostly lounged on the shore at Picnic Bay and Horseshoe Bay.

We went up to the top of Castle Hill, got a flat tire on the way up, that was an adventure with the twins…

Mostly we laughed hilariously, watched a terrible show we thought would either be boring or awesome porn (boring), brainstormed, told stories, washed a lot of dished (small people produce a lot of dishes) decided togs (bathing suit) is my new favorite word and had a little tooo much fun!

A NOT so fun part. I had a horrific dream 


A woman was about to be raped and the man called her daughter and out her on speaker. The woman had to make the choice of silence, no chance of attracting attention for rescue or traumatize her daughter.

I couldn’t understand why the fuck I had this dream, aside from the amount I deal with rape and violence against women in my work (it’s a lot).


I told the hottie about the nightmare. He is reading my book (he’s a Kickstarter backer so he gets the draft chapters) and one of them talks of ancestral trauma. We talked a bunch about this topic. It put the dream into perspective.

One thing that keeps coming up is the trauma processing that our menstrual cycles have BUILT IN. We women, especially like me, doing this deep work, are pulling up this long held and passed down trauma, and pulling out into the sunlight. Like digging an infection out of a wound. It’s hard and painful and vital to ever thriving again.

The best disinfect is sunlight so if I have to dive down into the darkness to stop the infection I will.


Does stuff like this happen to you?

Photo details

  1. Picnic Bay pier
  2. Elle and I are her brother’s coworking space – with GREAT smoothies
  3. Townsville from the top Castle Hill, that’s Magnetic Island in the distance
  4. Townsville, like the Powerpuff Girls
  5. The twins playing in the creek (what IS it about throwing rocks into water that is so SATISFYING?!)
  6. I mean, it’s just hilarious. Elle’s oldest is the bunny ears culprit.
  7. Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island
  8. Me and Elle floating in Alligator Creek
  9. AWESOME lunch spot on Magnetic Island 
  10. My first Kangaroo sign, and I even saw one in the wild!
  11. Elle and I at the juice shop, we really didn’t take enough selfies, I’ve got one more day to remedy that.
  12. Plants in my brand colors, like the desserts at the conference, super glad Australia is so welcoming of my business!
  13. I mean FFS.
  14. My view on the beach
  15. Dinner (the leftovers were breakfast)
  16. Writing The Revolution Will Be Bloody