One of my best friends, and seriously one of the best souls I’ve ever met, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma this week. She is amazing. 

With out going into to much detail I will most likely be updating the blog with her/our journey since I am her primary care giver. So for the next 24 weeks we will be fighting as a team.

The joke so far is that as far as cancer goes, this is the one to get. 

I went and got her started on:

  • Juices – with no appitite she’s not eating much. I’m concerned that she’s not getting enough nutrition so this is the best I can do right now. As many a day as she can drink. I’m also trying to get a few smoothies in as well for the fiber as well as some warm cooked veggies and salads but somedays the best she can do is a smoothie and a 1/2 of a salad. 
  • Chlorella – detoxing as much as we can before the chemo. Chlorella is also an immune system booster and fights infections. It increases good bacteria in the gut which she needs as much help as she can get right now. Finally chlorella is used to fight cancer so we started that as soon as we got the diagnosis. She’s taking 2-3 tablets at a time all day long. I’m going for 20-30 tablets a day before next week.
  • Chaga – has been used from Russia thru Japan to China for longevity. It’s been used to eliminate free radicals in the system helping to slow and possibly reverse cancer growth. In those countries it’s been used for many different forms of cancer. 1 dropper full under the tongue 3x day.
  • D3 – the sunshine vitamin. It’s hard to get her outside, she’s not steady on her feet right now. She’s also native Irish so after a short time she get’s unburnt really easy. She goes from hot to cold really quickly and being in the sun feels like being in an oven to her. Starting with 1 1,000 drop 1x day
  • Mimulus – a flower remedy to aid in anxiety and fear for a specific upcoming event. It’s used a lot for people who are afraid of flying. I would say cancer and chemo is a specific thing to fear and have anxiety around so I chose that one, however, I can’t say I’m an expert at flower remedies so if any of you out there have a better suggestion lay it on me! 4 drops in water 4x a day to start
  • Magnesium – She’s having a hard time sleeping so she’s starting with a teaspoon at night and a 1/2 in the morning. We will work up with week to a tablespoon at night and a teaspoon in the morning.
  • Coconut oil – this is good to heal the gut, also a form of fat along with avocados that she likes and can keep down. I’m asking her to try to take at least one tablespoon a day if not more. Also she’s oil pulling (swishing it around for 5-10 minutes then spitting) 1x a day. This is to pull bacteria out thru the mouth helping to cleanse. (very contraversial I know but hey it can’t possibly hurt)

So that’s where we’re starting. She hasn’t got her Stage yet, we know it’s Stage 2 B but it could be higher depending on the bone marrow biopsy. I’ll update with more info as we get it.

Right now her apt is getting an update to make it easier for her in the coming months. Hand rails on the staircase, enclosing the bedroom (she lives in a loft) and finishing up the bathroom floor. I’d like to do a fung shui in her room but that’s for later. 

Please, please, please if any one out there reading this has experience, advice, or heart warming stories please comment!