Yesterday was the first day I’ve had ‘off’ in WEEKS. I was absolutely bone weary. I spent the morning video chatting with my peeps in the states, caught up with my bestie and the cutie. I transfered my notes from conference and got my list for this week organized.

I went to the grocery store to pick up lunch and dinner for 2 days and I’ll tell you I felt SO tired I came right back home and laid down again!

I got the most beautiful green and red leaf lettuce 🥬, still with their roots! Beautiful 🥑, smoked salmon, this fantastic gluten free spinach and cheese ravioli 🍝 and even found a sugar free veggie marinara! A HUGE coconut water was clutch to make the meal.

I watched the first episode of Dirk Gently on Netflix. Guilt free. I even watched a second episode with dinner! Also guilt free!

I spent today with two POWERFUL women. You should follow them on IG: @LaurenWhiteau and Sarah Ripper of @Myoni an Aussie cup company. I’ve promised her I’ll let her know when I try veggimite 😂

Sexologist – Lauren White

Sarah Ripper of Myoni – an Australian menstrual cup company.

I was pretty whipped today as well. I hit the sauna and steam room this morning. Did Tai Chi on the roof just after dawn. Worked from bed a bit before I meet up with the girls.

This evening is laundry, eating and packing, cause I leave tomorrow morning for Kings Cliff!

The conference was incredible. I got a ton out of it, was thrilled to meet so many women I’ve only seen in 2D from the shoulders up! The VIP day was BEYOND fantastic. We spent serious time with the ‘sharks’ that we renamed ‘dolphins’ focusing on exactly what’s going to take our business to the next goal.

We had 5 minutes to pitch, I was done in 2:30. That’s how focused and clear my vision for the Period Coaching School is. Aka Blood School!