Did you read my blog on “How The Patriarchy Views Your Body vs How The Red Tent Views Your Body?”

Today, I want to talk about the 5 things that women should steal from patriarchy.

  1. Don’t give a FUCK!  Don’t worry so much. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are funny, you are sassy, you are brave. Just be those things and then you are. Then it doesn’t matter about anybody else’s’ opinions. 
  2. Speak with AUTHORITY! Stop starting every sentence with “I’m Sorry.” or “Excuse Me” or “Maybe.”
  3. Stand Tall Put your weight on both feet! We, ladies, stand on one foot, splitting our weight from one leg to the other. Men stand on both feet – hips squared, hands on their hips. Try standing on superhero pose. 
  4. Take RISKS! Men take risks, they are called brave. Women take risks, we are called foolish. Take enough risks, you’ll win and they’ll be on your side. So take more risks. 
  5. Have Fun! If you want to get laid, you’re a whore and if you don’t you’re a prude. You can’t win so you might as well go back to number one and “Don’t Give a FUCK!”

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