Don’t You?

I certainly do and give you my 5 reasons on Why I hate Pads:


  1.  They cause diaper rash. Did you think you were the only one? Nope! The plastic lining at the top is the culprit for irritating your skin and causing the diaper rash. I don’t like that feeling … I hate that feeling!
  2. They end up in the landfill. After baby diapers, disposable menstrual hygiene products have the largest footprint of consumer landfill items. 
  3. Harmful Chemicals releasedThe chemicals in the pads and the organic material there (BLOOD!) that are dumped are harmful to the ecosystem. You’ll know exactly what happens in The Red Circle Summit.
  4. Yeast infections, bacterial infections, or thrush. Need I say more? 
  5. Chemicals into your body. Your lady parts are very absorbent and they absorb chemicals in the pads, even the organic cotton pads.

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