Welcome Sisters!

Thank you so much for being a part of my Kickstarter Journey! It was a rollercoaster of emotions – and WE DID IT!

I’m busy writing so I can get the book out to you this time next year (hopefully even sooner), in the meantime here is one of the perks of being a backer – you get a copy of my 40 Day Charting Mandala eBook.

This coloring book is designed for easily and happily, tracking your menstrual cycle. This book will help you see your patterns and help you balance your hormones.

Track your cycle, mood, energy, Basal body temp, PMS symptoms, and so much more! No ap can show you all your information in once glance, cycle after cycle, nor can it replace the connection you create when putting pen to paper.

There’s no replacing this mind body connection with an ap and it can never crash losing all your data!

Once you’ve downloaded the PDF from the link above you can print it out and get started!

If you haven’t already jump over to my FREE Facebook Group so you can ask any questions and connect with other women on the same journey to rediscover the power of their cycle!