#1 Reason to Celebrate Your Cycle

I have one super good reason you should be celebrating your cycle, fortunately for you it’s on my blog this week!  Throwing a Period Party is a great reason to have 13 more parties a year… and of course your birthright. Join us in our world wide Period...

5 Foods to DefEAT PMS!

Grab a napkin!   Please join us in FPMS, where you can diving into eating amazing food that will help you feel like a ROCK STAR! Grab my graphic here: YES, I want to EAT!

5 Unexpected PMS Symptoms

You may know the usual gang, Mood Swings, Fatigue, Bloating, Cramps, Brain Fog, Acne… But working with women I see these 5 over and over again: Join us in FPMS to kick these to the curb!

Failure & Flow

I give you permission to toss ‘failure’ out of your vocabulary right now. ON TO SUCCESS! Flow is magic, and you can use it to never fail again… How can you use your flow to avoid failure? You’ll have to watch to find out. Ready to tap into your...