Stasha, The Period Coach here to offer you a new perspective on periods.

     If you suspect ‘the curse’ is made up…

     If you’re ready to embrace the power of your period…

You’re in the right place, Period Coaching is for you!

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Join us in our private Facebook group The Red Circle: Lady Business where women from all over the world gather to share knowledge in a safe, sacred space.

This space is about bridging the gap between old rituals, and science. 

coat of arms for the Period Coaching School. There are four quadrants - waves representing flow, a sword on a red background representing the warrior, a drop of blood representing periods, a book representing learning. The shield is topped with acanthus, a symbol of longevity. There is a small white flower in the middle of the quadrants and a red bird on top of the acanthus which are from the Washburn coat of Arms., and the

Period Coaching School

Are you a coach who works with menstruating clients? Do you want to be? If yes to either, you must learn how to serve your clients safely and holistically.

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The Revolution Will Be Bloody

An action guide for fired-up women to take back their womanhood and transform the world.

An action guide for fired-up women to take back their womanhood and transform the world.

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Are You Ready?

  • For better periods?
  • For PMS free cycles?
  • For a deep, meaningful, connection to your womb?

How does this work?

  • You’ll discover how your 6 senses make your menstrual cycle better or worse.
  • You’ll get to experiment with your senses and cycle.
  • A supportive group of sisters await you!

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Enjoy a meditative, informative, enlightening experience.

There’s more than meets the eye…

Its a beautiful, and easy, way to discover your period power!


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